Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble?

4 thoughts on “Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble?”

  1. Hi Luis,

    thanks for pointing out that the issue that sometimes drives me crazy in Facebook is also popping up in G+.

    What a pity… I was just happy to find the Life without Email Community because this is one of the topics that I am digging into in my corporate life. And after I had nearly overcome my scepsis against G+.

    Well, you mentioned that you will head for other social networks which may truely display ALL posts. What are your new seas you are going to sail?


    1. Hi Michael, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments. Yes, it’s a bit disappointing that Google Plus eventually wants to end up where all of the other social networking sites out there want to end up at: s*cking all of your time up by making you constantly check for new posts so that you keep checking back in. Childish attitude, but I guess Google Plus is no different than the others, after all.

      At this point in time I am positioning what I will be doing next, but not to worry, I’m still going to stick around making use of Google Plus and, specially, the “Life Without eMail” community, since all of the posts getting posted over there are still showing up without any filter bubble, so I will continue with the same focus and commitment with that community.

      For the rest, it’s just a matter of redefining how much time I will spending, as well as the amount of effort put into it. So for the time being I will not be going to other new seas, but perhaps hang around with a different level of involvement. Time to continue playing and exploring, since G+ doesn’t seem to consider itself too serious as a business app… Too bad, really.

  2. Interesting indeed, but I would like to diversify the topic a little if I may. Something which I think might be on the mind of many. There seems to be a common belief amongst website owners, that Goggle+ is beneficial for rankings. What is your view?

    1. Hi Max, thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments. Indeed, that common belief seems to be confirmed by some research that has been done and which has just been published as a rather interesting infographic over in this blog post. You may want to take a look into it to see how dependent we are becoming on G+ for those Google Rankings.

      Interestingly enough, haven’t posted much in the last few days on my Google Plus and think I’m starting to see the impact of it. In another world, i.e. business world, that behaviour had a particular name, didn’t it? :-/

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