New Experiement: Splitting Personalities

7 thoughts on “New Experiement: Splitting Personalities”

  1. Welcome to the split personality in twitter. When I started blogging I got a second twitter id so as to not swamp blog followers with all the fluff in my ‘personal’ id.

    I’m using Mixero for both. So far, so good.

  2. Great post Luis. I split my personalities quite early in my Twitter evolution and have been very happy with how it has gone. I use @swanwick for topics similar to your @elsua account and @SpkrInteractive for topics relevant to event professionals (mostly technology and social media for events).

    To make matters even more complicated I also manage a few products and so tweet separately for them: @twebevent is one.

    I use Mixero and find it works extremely well to jump btwn personalities.

    Look forward to hearing how your experiment progresses

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