Curmudgeons Unite!

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  1. Luis,

    Definitely something to think about. I have yet to really put much content in any of the social networking sites. Profile and some stuff – but not much. I am using my personal blog more – on a content side. Does this make me a curmudgeon? Then count me in.


  2. I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about this, but nearly four years ago (coming up in February) I started a person (definitely not business) blog; one in which I gave vent to a slightly darker side of my personality. The name of this blog is “The Cranky Curmudgeon”.

    Now, you know I read your blog anyway, but this one really caught my eye for that reason. I haven’t actually written a post for this one in over a year, but I can’t bring myself to delete it and spend all my time on my (ostensibly) business blog.

    As usual, I appreciate your perspective on matters I agree are of great import for those of us seeking to make sense of those capabilities of the web that are bringing us closer socially, both as a primary goal and as a method of increasing the efficacy of our business relationships.

    Talk soon,


  3. Luis, I haven’t been on external social networking sites due to privacy issues. And I always questioned the value of LinkedIn. What do you think will be more valuable to a prospective employer? How you built your own personal web presence or what you did for the company you currently work for?

  4. Luiz, you can now join me then. I have been blogging for quite some time about privacy issues with (mainly) Facebook and how a slight change in their Terms of Service could very well mean your private data could be sold.
    I have a minimal presence of FB and LinkedIn and I will keep it that way. I think we all need to use social networks with caution and think through the privacy implications. Guess that makes me curmudgeonly too 🙂

  5. Hi Luis – funny, I’ve been struck by the same thoughts and while I’ve jumped into some new things have stopped joining new ones. I do worry about losing my privacy. Plus frankly it’s too many places to go or check (even with the consolidator tools) so I’ve focusing on the vital few instead.
    Side note – I hope to see you at Lotusphere in January, we need to meet up.

  6. @elsua I’ve also become more of curmudgon by reforming the way I do blogging, microblogging and webstreaming around the same time that you posted this blog entry.

    I’m now making a stronger distinction between the content, and the redistribution (e.g. retweeting) of it. As examples, by creating a new microblog, Twitter and Friendfeed become channels rather than original content sources.

    Some of this is related to how you want to license your own content to others. I understand that I own the copyright as soon as I publish it — in the old days, it would have been when committed to paper — so I have the Creative Commons licensing conditions in the footer of my web pages.

  7. Luis:
    I have the same question as @Seb – which part of their terms is objectionable?
    All I see is that they are making sure you know that if you upload slides, other people can embed them, and that you’re ok with that.

  8. Luis, I am just laughing at how small a world it is. I am designing a Web site and related social endeavors for a personal passion of mine and wanted to have a section about my curmudgeonly thoughts. I wanted the section to have the humorous title “Curmudgeons Unite!” and I was actually naive enough to believe this title was fairly original and creative. When I Googled it to ensure the title would be unique, your post came up first! I became a disciple of yours at IBM late in your tenure. While I’m here relating this “small world” story, let me just say that your leaving was IBM’s loss. There are others social gurus there, but none as inspiring as you. I hope this finds you thriving in your new venture!!

    1. Hi Alesa, my goodness! What a small world, indeed! And what a treat, indeed, that, after 5 years this blog post still finds space for dropping by and sharing some wonderful feedback! Even if the topic is a bit too provocative! hehe

      You would have to tell me when the Web site is up and to check that Curmudgeons Unite! section (along with the others), because I am sure I may be able to join you there and everything! Sounds like you are on to something brilliant and mind-blowing altogether!

      Yes, indeed, it’s been quite an experience moving on and everything. It’s been now nearly 4 months since I left and moved on and it does feel like years have gone by already! I guess that’s what happens when you are having fun, that time flies by like crazy!! We should find some time to catch up and everything and many thanks for dropping by, for letting serendipity do its magic and look forward to checking out Curmudgeons United! soon!

      Take care and have a good one!

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