A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 38 to 41 (Why Do I Keep Doing This?)

3 thoughts on “A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 38 to 41 (Why Do I Keep Doing This?)”

  1. Your situation is to be envied, my friend. I place it above me as something to be pursued in my own situation, where my company is far, far behind many others in its adoption of social software. I can only hope that, as in many cases, the last shall become first and shortly we’ll recognize the value of E2.0 and embrace it fully. Keep up the good work. I need the target to aim for!


  2. Dear Luis,

    it’s encouraging to see that you are still going on with the same enthousiasm! I have attended a roadshow in Düsseldorf where you presented quite some time ago and you have inspired me. (Although I keep having a difficult time buying my colleagues in).

    I just stumbled over these:

    and two thoughts instantly popped into my mind:
    1) Why do we need an e-mailless DAY? How can that help? People will just bomb you heavier on the days before and after. Plenty of resources are in place to do far better!
    2) Well, at least it is getting attention and people are actually starting to look for solutions. Overall, someone got through the trouble of making an initiative of it.

    Happy to learn about your thoughts on this.

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