IBM’s Lotusphere 2010 Highlights – A Proposal for DIA

4 thoughts on “IBM’s Lotusphere 2010 Highlights – A Proposal for DIA”

  1. Of course if you had used a Domino Blog template and a Notes client you could have blogged to your heart’s content and then replication would have automatically published your thoughts as an when a conection was available.

    The world is not totally and permanently connected. Good to know that there is good mature technology around that can surface all the great Web 2.0 concepts whilst also having a solid infrastucture underneath it.

    1. Hi Andy! Sure thing! You bring it a very very good point, indeed! Should have thought about offline blogging, even though I’m running WordPress over here; I could have still made use of my favourite offline blogging clients and make it through, although with some delays for the posting, of course, but I guess it’s better than anything, right?

      I guess I will have to get used to the idea we would never be able to make things right and provide reliable and scalable connectivity at technical conferences, perhaps because it is not very convenient to help spread the word out in real time and instead look for more traditional methods … Hummmm, hope that’s not the case! Will keep trying, I suppose …

      Interesting article the one you quoted above already, although I guess what my answer would be like to that question, right? Of course, you would! 😉

  2. I agree it is very frustrating with the Wifi service at conferences. I recently attended an event in London, and the Wifi coverage was terrible, therefore limiting my ability to use Twitter.

    1. Hi Frank! Thanks for the feedback! Yes, indeed! It can be rather frustrating, specially when you have got high hopes everything will work out all right and at the same time we would have an opportunity to tell the world what we are witnessing! Indeed! Quite disappointing when that doesn’t happen; to the point where it can incredibly demotivating to even keep trying… Oh well, I guess one of these years we will make it happen 😉

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