6 Things I Learned While Being Banned from Google Search

4 thoughts on “6 Things I Learned While Being Banned from Google Search”

  1. Glad I could help out πŸ™‚ Quite a story there, google *is* powerful, seeing how much traffic they bring to a site is amazing, I notice it as well, the major part of my visitors comes from Google πŸ˜‰

  2. Have you considered hosting at wordpress.com? You can transfer your domain name for only $15 per year and purchase additional space as needed. There may be a limit on how much old data you can transfer, but I’d drop them a note and see if they can do it. I have a few domains (not my main one) with them and wordpress.com handles all the upgrades.

  3. Hi Luis, I left this comment over at it.toolbox before noticing how old the post there was πŸ™‚ — so I’ll copy it in here as well, seeing how your “contact” link goes nowhere. I’m sorry to hear that your site was hacked… it seems they try every older CMS that they can find πŸ™

    Looking at your site, I think you might still want to double check that everything has actually been removed. I looked at your site’s indexed URLs together with a pharmaceutical keyword and it looks like there are still some URLs with hidden links to strange sites (using tinyurl to prevent the keywords from being added to this comment :-)): http://tinyurl.com/3rc8qt

    You can see the hidden links by going to one of those URLs and viewing the source code.

    For more feedback, I’d encourage you to start a thread in our Webmaster Help group at http://groups.google.com/group/Google_Webmaster_Help

    Hope it helps!

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