Do What Works for You – About Time!

2 thoughts on “Do What Works for You – About Time!”

  1. I think I can die a happy man, now that you’ve written such nice things about my post. You’ll be happy to know that Michael Krigsman and I were talking about you tonight, so the love fest was bi-directional. Further, I’ll send you a message on some social platform so that I can ask you some questions for something unrelated.

    I’m doing what works for me. : )

  2. i quite agree with you, Luis. Actually, i write two blogs, one related to work, and another, general stuff … and have been contemplating for a long time to merge the two. just dont know how to. should i just stop writing on one? actually, i am finding, too, that i might be spreading myself too thin, logging into a number of apps, which is why, about the only sns i can be found on, is facebook! 🙂

    guess you could say it works for me, so …

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