Google Me! Your New Business Card

11 thoughts on “Google Me! Your New Business Card”

  1. In my opinion a Google me! business card depends in most cases on your actual name or alias. In your case, there is a “Luis Suarez” who is quite famous by now, a football player. So if you Google “luis suarez” the first results point to this person. You are completely right when you say You are in the first page, but what about another Luis Suarez who also wants to share their virtual business card? Where would he be in the results page? How many “luis suarez” are there in the world? So I guess we should think well before giving away a “Google me” biz card, maybe they wont be able to find us ever! Just sharing my thoughts.

  2. Hi, Luis,
    rather convincing arguments; however one thing I find an advantage with good old business cards. I am pretty bad with names, and from foreign cultures / languages they might not be very intuitive, how do you google, if you haven’t got the name exactly to the letter.


  3. My most recent card is “how to google me.” Yes a few trees have been felled, but I never give people my business card until AFTER they’ve expressed an interest to keep in touch. My last name is hard to spell and my online identity ends in an ‘s’ so the business card reminds them HOW.

  4. Paper cards also let me jot a quick note about the person right after we’ve met. This is particularly important at larger events. I may not remember to Google you when I return to my room / desk.

    All that said, I do suggest people come and find me on the web.

  5. Interestingly, we’ve just been having a very similar discussion at our office. We have re-branded and looking at our business card requirements. Some think they are outdated largely citing the fact that with e-mail/linkedIn etc that they don’t need someones business card to stay in touch. Others think they are still necessary for networking especially at events where you haven’t had communication with someone in advance. I’d love you to join our discussion on Linked In

  6. That used to work for me until about a month ago. Now no one can find me within the first 1,000 results.

    ~Unseated in the internet by a 13 year old.

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