I Freed Myself From E-Mail’s Grip – So Much More Than Just E-Mail!

4 thoughts on “I Freed Myself From E-Mail’s Grip – So Much More Than Just E-Mail!”

  1. Hi Luis,

    Quite convincing arguments. I had a few queries, though …

    1. Are we not, in a sense, simply replacing the email client with the RSS feed-reader, from the perspective of the user? From the perspective of content, i would say that there is far more openness, which is what a lot of KM practitioners would like to achieve, but i am not sure how many folks care about it.

    2. I do quite agree with Ed, that adoption is the key. If folks are not reading blogs, then you are never going to reach them. I do quite agree witj you that its a huge effort to educate folks, but realistically, i am not sure how many folks would convert … look at the statistics … even within IBM, there are around 12000 (maybe more?) bloggers … thats not very encouraging adoption statistics considering the number of folks who arent blogging (and isnt the largest challenge most of us face?).

    3. Discovery … With more and more content coming online like this, unless there is far better way to discover content, lots of stuff out there could just lie around with noone ever reading it. And at the same time, the issues folks face when searching for a blog outside the firewall, would just propagate to within the firewall?

    Cheers …

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