JetBrains’ Omea Pro and Its Awful Consequences of Lack of Commitment

4 thoughts on “JetBrains’ Omea Pro and Its Awful Consequences of Lack of Commitment”

  1. As well as FeedDemon being free now, the Newsgator sister product for the Mac, NetNewsWire, is also free. You obviously have good reason to express concern that FeedDemon might, now that it’s free, go the way of Omea Pro. But while there’s nothing certain in this life other than death and taxes, I am very confident about FeedDemon. It’s been around, and been excellent, for years. And the way it synchs with NewsGator Online – also free – means the user does not have to make the choice between desktop reader or online reader. I don’t really understand NewsGator’s new business model, but they are obviously confident that it will work for them.

  2. Hi Des! Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for the info details! Glad you added further on into the conversation. Yes, I keep hearing lots of nice things about FeedDemon for Windows and to be honest if I were there I would be giving it a try, but since I am now fully on the Mac and quite happy with Vienna I may have to put it aside for the time being. I trust your instincts and I am surely glad the commitment will continue to be there. Good stuff!

    With regards to NetNewsWire, I must say that I find it quite an excellent choice as well, if it weren’t for the fact that you cannot delete articles from your feeds, which, to me, is essential. Something so relatively simple should be put together as standard feature. Yet, it is not there, and that’s why I am sticking around with Vienna, although I can imagine that the online sync is very very attractive, but the power of the Delete button even more 😉

    Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback! Greatly appreciated!

  3. I’d like to know if you tried installing Omea on a different machine, then copying your old database across. I had a .net crash that affected Omea, so I uninstalled the program, thinking the worst But after fixing the .Net problem I reinstalled Omea and it picked up the old database and kept working happily.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I am afraid I haven’t tried it out, installing Omea Pro in another machine, since I don’t have a spare one, just this Windows notebook and a Mac. But I may give it a try whenever I can get my hands on one. For the time being I did get finally a reply from the Omea Pro support folks where they suggested soemthing to try out and now that I am back at work, I shall be giving it a try and let folks know whether it worked or it didn’t. Stay tuned!

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