Vacation Is Now Officially Over!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Is Now Officially Over!”

  1. Luis, I am sure you’ll be right back into the groove of working and blogging.

    Thank you both for alerting all readers to the survey on new media in change management and for the pointer to the webinar. Those who can’t attend are counting on you and your twitterings to recap later 😉

  2. Hi Martin! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! It is good to be back, indeed, and with plenty of ammo to keep things going during 2008! Got piled up a couple of surprises I am sure you folks would enjoy 😉

    Stay tuned!

    Glad I could help spreading the message around on the online survey and look forward to seeing the results! And w.r.t. to the webinar I am looking forward to it, too, hoping that this time around there may be a little bit more substance than in the last one. Hopefully, we would be able to learn a thing or two, as well! And definitely there will be a blog post and plenty of twittering about it!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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