Vienna – The K.I.S.S. Approach to RSS / Atom Feed Reading for the Mac

5 thoughts on “Vienna – The K.I.S.S. Approach to RSS / Atom Feed Reading for the Mac”

  1. I’d encourage you to look again at Google Reader. You can effectively do the same thing AND share them through the Google shared items feature AND you can share on Facebook with the FB Google Shared Items app which then means you can see what your friends are sharing and their friends as well. I think something like 5K people are on that app.

  2. For the Windows platform, I had written up the reasons that I switched to Feedreader after using RSS Bandit for 6 months.
    Six months earlier, when I was revisiting my RSS reader choices, RSS Owl was one of the final contenders. Of all of the choices, RSS Owl is cross-platform, so anyone who switches between Mac, Windows and Linux platforms may appreciate a reader that works on all of them. I see that they’re working on version 2 and are at milestone 6, which suggests that they’ll soon have an updated version that may be worth reviewing.

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