APQC KM & Innovation 2007 – Knowledge Management: Strategies and Tactics for Business Results – Part Deux

2 thoughts on “APQC KM & Innovation 2007 – Knowledge Management: Strategies and Tactics for Business Results – Part Deux”

  1. Eek! Too much. Too much. How about a post that gives your Top X items that you were surprised / interested to hear at the conference? Then we can come back here for more.

  2. Hi Jack! Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for the information details. As usual, very valuable input. Yes, I agree with you and thought along the same lines at the very beginning while I was preparing the different drafts. I mean, to just create one of them saying what I liked about the event and what I didn’t, but then I realised about how many folks out there have been contacting me offline asking to provide a bit more of insights since they have just been introduced to the world of KM and wanted to know some more about the other side of things, which is why all of these lengthy articles have been published.

    You have been involved in the KM world for quite some time and for you most of this stuff is not new, I know and I realise about that and perhaps most of these weblog entries would not be very helpful to you, however, I wanted to share them still for those folks out there who are getting started with KM and who would need to open up to what is happening at the moment.

    That was the whole point behind it and now that it is over I will go back to “normal” 😉 From here onwards, the fun part will start, which is basically sharing a couple of comments per each of the sessions I attended during the APQC KM & Innovation event, which is what I really enjoyed quite thoroughly. Thus not to worry, such lengthy weblog entries will not be there any longer. At least, to the extent I have done these other ones.

    Appreciated the valuable feedback, Jack! Thanks much!

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