APQC KM & Innovation 1007 – The Disconnect between KM 1.0 and KM 2.0

4 thoughts on “APQC KM & Innovation 1007 – The Disconnect between KM 1.0 and KM 2.0”

  1. Thanks Luis. I am virtually (although partially) visiting the conference through your ‘blogeyes’. I was planning to attend but due to technical reasons I am missing this event.

    I am sharing your surprise moments of knowing the fact that the participants are not aware of the social computing. Or those who are aware did not participate. Perhaps, the full blown conference experience awaiting pleasant information in this aspect.


  2. In a way its not surprising – I had a similar experience at an intranet conference a few years ago. More recently I’ve run a series of Knowledge Management masterclasses in Singapore, and one of issues I like to cover is what I call a brief history of KM to cover the past and then bring people up to speed with next generation knowledge management. Many people – particularly those from an IT background tasked with “doing some KM” – often enter with 1990’s KM point of view. I see its my role to introduce them to what has been happening in the space and challenge their thinking a little. However, I should say that the half-day of the masterclass we then spend on social software etc is one of the highlights. I hope day 2 gets a bit more interesting for you! BTW I do share all my materials with participants – its just content afterall…

  3. Hi folks! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the feedback comments thus far. Greatly appreciated! Let’s see if I can comment quickly before the second day of training starts.

    Raju, I am glad you are finding the weblog post(s) interesting and good read to give you an update on the outcome of the event itself, although this is something like the pre-event, I would say. I must say that I surely was surprised when talking to a few folks about the concept of social computing and having a hard time to explain what it was. Not even under the terms of social software, social networking, social media or new media. Quite interesting. In fact, I already "scheduled" some time with a couple of folks to actually show them some of the tools that I have been exposed to and which they wanted to hear some more and see how they would be able to apply them to the business, which was something really nice. At least, there is some openness about the whole thing.

    What I am finding surprising those is the fact that this KM training course is not putting together information related to how social computing is impacting KM at the moment and, how whenever you would want to set up a KM program most of the aspects that have made social computing successful have been completely ignored. I am not sure why, but we are just not getting the whole picture and I am concerned because most of these folks are all knowledge managers for various different organisations and I am thinking that if they themselves don’t get exposed to social software how are they supposed to bring that to their own businesses?!?! That is why I am hoping that during the course of the week this may change, because otherwise it would feel as if I have just been to a history lesson on KM about how things have been some time now. Certainly, not a reflection of what is happening in the current market at the moment.

    James, appreciated the feedback comments, too! I surely would hope so that the people organising this event would be following your advice greatly, because you surely offer exactly what I was expecting from such event. A mix of what KM used to be with an introduction and thorough discussions of what is actually currently happening at the moment within the KM space around the subject of social computing. Ignoring it, like it seems to be at the moment, is not going to do any good to it, specially from an adoption perspective. So I am hoping that, indeed, the rest of the week picks up, because otherwise I am not sure it would have been as beneficial as I would have thought it would be.

    I am really glad to hear though that there are some folks out there, i.e. yourself, willing to spend some time on the history of KM and where we all come from, but also the new aspects of KM taking place at the moment with social networking. A combination of the two is what is certainly going to get people up to speed with a successful KM program, so I am glad there are some folks providing those insights, because the more, the merrier. And boy, am I happy to hear you are sharing all of that content online with the participants! I wish other folks would follow that! Otherwise what is the point of attending a conference like this if you then cannot share it with a wider audience all all over the place, which is the current workplace environment at the moment. So, a big thumbs up for you on that one, James, and look forward to the opportunity of being able to meet up face to face some time.

    Thanks again, folks, for the extensive feedback!

  4. Thanks for your insights on this Luis. Based on what you are saying, it sounds like something called KM 2.0 may not really exist, if this conference is any guide. Maybe KM was an idea that has come and gone or – more likely- morphed into something so different that calling it “KM” or “KM 2.0” just tends to bring up old biases and impressions from decades past.

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