Knowledge Management Rules by Dave Snowden

10 thoughts on “Knowledge Management Rules by Dave Snowden”

  1. Well, there are many nice sayings around KM. What about: KM is managing the empty spaces between functionalities?

  2. Hi Mathias! Thanks a bunch for the feedback ! Hummm, that is indeed a nice and quick definition of KM and, to be honest, I think a good one, too ! Because if there is anything that KM has always tried to do is to fill in the gaps in between within the area of knowledge sharing and collaboration, along with content management and learning. So it can certainly be considered the glue between functionalities to make it work. However, perhaps the only caveat that I can think of is that sometimes too much glue is not good because it tends to make KM rather large.

    That is why I am finding it very useful lately that KM is being split up in different sub-disciplines and that each of them is gaining more and more traction on their own to make a much stronger KM than ever before. Perhaps that is the approach we should have taken in the first place, but, as they say, better late than never!

    Thanks again for the feedback comments!

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