The Greater IBM Connection – Bringing Social Networking to the IBM Enterprise

5 thoughts on “The Greater IBM Connection – Bringing Social Networking to the IBM Enterprise”

  1. Luis:

    Greatly appreciate you spreading the word. As my current post notes, we thought ibm alums would be beating down the door to tell us what they would want in a social network that connected them to current IBMers and each other, but I guess any blog takes months to get traction and constant feeding.

  2. Hi Jack ! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Yes, indeed, the blogosphere is a very big and massive beast and you would need to allow for some time to be able to pick up some momentum. You know better than anyone, since you have been involved already with a couple of other weblogging efforts, that building traffic and comments into a weblog takes time. Time that could go from a several months to several years. The key message is to keep it going. To always deliver some really good content and to keep talking to people, engaging in the conversations.

    Did you know that Sun is planning to do something along these same lines where they have got their own Alumni weblogging network up and running already? Check their alumni community weblog portal for more details on how they are doing. They seem to have started not long ago and are also building up some further momentum.

    As I said, it is not easy to grab people’s attention and commitment to engage and participate. It takes lots of time and lots of perseverance. Thus let’s keep spreading the word around and try to get as many folks involved as possible.

    Thanks again for the feedback !

  3. Luis, yes I had seen the annoucement on the IBM web site but when I responded (Jack take note), I was told that it was old that it was USA only. No commitment to supporting the “I” in IBM. Apart from that I think it’s a really great idea and would like to get involved. AND thanks for reminding me and pointing me back to this posting.
    regards, Peter

  4. Hi Peter ! Thanks a lot for letting me know about this and for the feedback comments ! I am not sure what may have been happening but from what I know none of the two criteria you mentioned (age and country of origin) would exclude anyone from being a member of this particular initiative. This is certainly a social network, so nothing to do with restrictions of any kind. Let me have a look with Jack and see what happened. Also I wouldn’t say that I would classify as young enough for this or in the US when I living and working from Spain, so, as I said, there may have been a mistake somewhere. I will keep you posted on this. But one thing for sure is that I would love to have you as well as a core connector, exactly for the same reasons you have mentioned above ! Funny.

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