10 Tips on Leading a Balanced Life

6 thoughts on “10 Tips on Leading a Balanced Life”

  1. Hi folks (sellsius) ! Thanks a lot for linking both weblog posts and for sending the trackback ! Indeed, I certainly agree with you that we need to keep spreading weblog posts like the one Allen put together. There are far too many tips in there that will certainly help everyone keep things under control and be able to separate life from work and vice versa. Thus thanks again for the extra links and let’s keep spreading the word !

    Hueina, thanks ever so much for sharing the link to your weblog to help add some more into the conversation on this very important topic. I have been browsing around the weblog itself and I must say that you certainly have got some really good points, specially in the weblog post you shared on C.P.R. for a Balanced Life. Some very good tips in there, too, that I am glad we are connecting both weblog posts so that we can continue bringing in some further awareness on how important it would be to strike that balanced life. Thanks again for the feedback comments !

  2. Hello Luis, I’m very impressed by your capacity of synthesis (referred these 10 tips). I agree with many although it’s difficult to take them to to my to put them in practices (nowadays).

    Congratulations, it’s a wonderful blog.
    Juan Pablo

  3. Hey, Juan Pablo ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments ! Welcome to elsua!

    Yes, I know what you mean. It is not an easy job, specially when every day more and more things seem to be coming along our way and somehow it is difficult to try to distinguish if those things would be worth while pursuing or not. It is, indeed, a constant struggle, but one thing for sure is the fact that overtime and thanks to some persistence and perseverance it would be paying off in the end. We just need to keep on going. After all it is our own private life versus work that is at stake over here. It doesn’t really pay off to work on a huge number of things if then we do not have time to relax and enjoy some quality time doing something completely different to work, right? So let’s keep on fighting.

    Thanks again for the feedback !

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