Online Interaction Glossary by Nancy White

2 thoughts on “Online Interaction Glossary by Nancy White”

  1. Thanks, Luis – and if you have any suggestions for additions, improvements, etc., please do pass them on. Then this can truly be a collective resource. For example today I realized I needed to add a few more “ASP” and “Hosted applications” – both similar terms that I used without defining with a friend yesterday who looked at me and said JARGON ALERT!

  2. Hi Nancy ! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for adding some more into the conversation. Yes, certainly, I agree with you that it would be great if we could all contribute with some of the different terms that we may have gotten exposed to ourselves over the course of time. So here I got with some further suggestions to get things going:

    • Trackback
    • Pingback
    • Screencast
    • Atom (As in the web syndication protocol)
    • Social Media
    • Social Network Analysis / SNA
    • Widgets
    • File Sharing (I still have got to explain every now and then what online, real-time file sharing is and how it can be done)
    • Informal Learning (Through social software, specially)
    • Expertise Location / Locators

    If I come across with some other ones I shall certainly let you know. Thanks again for the feedback and for putting together such a fine glossary. Good stuff!

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