Easing the Pain

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  1. Thanks a lot, Todd, for dropping by and welcome to elsua ! Appreciated all of the feedback details. I have read through them all and it surely looks like an extensive review of the MacBook. Quite an interesting read, indeed ! While going through it and then hovering over item #4 I can certainly relate to the fact that battery life was one of the things that could certainly be very much improved in the Lenovo Notebook, compared to what the MacBook does. However, when looking at the specs for a portable computer I didn’t worry too much about the battery life since I doubt I would ever be working anywhere without being hooked up for more than two hours, four maximum. Thus sooner or later, I would be getting back some power into the machine, and I didn’t think that would have been too much. And if I see I am working unplugged for an extensive period of time I can always purchase a second battery for not so much more money, compared to the overall price of the MacBook Pro.

    And talking about the price, I appreciate that you shared that tip on the 999$ USD. I must say that may well have been there in the US, but here in Europe the prices are noway nearer to the one you shared and if I would have to purchase the machine online it would have to get through customs over here and pay a fee for it, which means that it would probably bring the price to the same level, if not higher, plus if something goes wrong with the machine, not that it would happen, but instead of just having to walk down the store, like in here, I would actually have to send it back to the US for repairs. Yes, I know, like I said, not that it would happen but if it does? Some food for thought …

    Either way, thanks again for sharing your thoughts and the links. I am sure they would help other folks make up their mind and chose whatever may be best for them.

  2. Hi Victor! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for dropping by! As far as I know, the Lenovo 3000 N100 has got a section of the hard drive with the necessary files for a re-format. It is a hidden partition so you will not be able to see it just like that.

    So what you would need to do is to back up all of your data and critical files into another external hard drive or DVDs, or whatever your backup strategy may well be and when you are done with it, just follow these steps:

    1. Turn off computer and wait for about 5 seconds. 2. Turn on the computer again and while you get through the initial screen pay attention and press the button Lenovo Care when you actually see the option. That will open the ThinkVantage section of Rescue & Recovery.3. Then select the option “Restore the system” and from there you will find a different set of options, including restoring the system to the original factory settings, which is what you may be looking for.

    And that would be it. Normally it takes about 2 hours to go through the entire process, so you may need to take it easy 😉

    Hope that helps. Good luck! 😀

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