QumanaXP – My New Default Weblogging Tool

4 thoughts on “QumanaXP – My New Default Weblogging Tool”

  1. Thanks very much, Ianiv, for dropping by and for the feedback comments. As far as I know, and that is the weird thing, nothing has happened on our end since we are still using the same version of Roller since the very beginning. At some point in time there will be an upgrade but it hasn’t happened yet and from what I know it has not influenced any of the current settings, which is what I find really puzzling at the moment. But, either way, I am happy to see that I have finally managed to make it work as I am really enjoying the QumanaXP experience and it would have been too bad not to have made it for all of my weblogs. Thanks again for all your support and for all the help. Appreciated.

  2. Hey Luis,

    Glad to hear you’re using Flock! I think the latest release is starting to show some promise but we’ve still got our work cut out for us. I appreciate your feedback and would be curious to hear how we might be able to provider for your regular blogging needs?

  3. Hi Chris ! Welcome to elsua ! And thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Appreciated. Actually, I must say that so far I am really enjoying the Flock experience and I just wish that with the latest release, 0.5.12 some of my favourite extensions would work (Like IE Tab, FireFTP, SessionSaver, BlinkList Toolbar, etc.), but I guess that is something that will happen over time. On the other hand, now that you mentioned it I would love for the Flock weblogging component to be able to work much nicer with the MetaWeblog API (Since I need to use it to configure my Intranet Roller weblog). Here are a couple of things I would like to see improved:

  4. Ability to choose the list of categories from my weblog. Right now, it looks like MetaWeblog API does not allow you to do that for Roller based weblogs. So I am posting content to my weblog but with no categories.
  5. Fix the bug of not posting the titles with the MetaWeblog API. This is certainly a big one because without the titles how are people supposed to know what the post is all about.
  6. Implement Trackbacks ! It is the one other item that I am really missing from Flock’s weblogging component. Once this one gets implemented it will surely help me work with it much more often than now, for sure.

    That would be it. If I come up with anything else I will surely let you know, but I think those would be the main ones I would love Flock to be able to address so that I can continue enjoying the Flock experience the way it was meant to be. Thanks a lot for listening and keep up the superb piece of work !

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