10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger

11 thoughts on “10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger”

  1. Hi Luis, I’m really enjoying your recent blog posts, particularly how you’ve taken the popular 10 point format and elaborated on each point with your own analysis and links.

  2. Hi Shawn ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the kind comments. Appreciated. Actually, I am really glad that you mention this because I am never too sure about posting weblog articles like this one because adding my two cents worth of comments to each entry would eventually make it a rather long weblog post and although I do realise people might enjoy reading through them I am also aware of people’s times and certainly wouldn’t want to take more time than necessary. So getting this feedback is really appreciated, Shawn. Thanks again !

    (Perhaps one of these days I will weblog on this particular subject. I have meant to do it based on another interesting weblog post I found on the subject but haven’t gotten around it yet. Perhaps I will shortly).

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  4. Hello John (Scout) and welcome to elsua ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts over at your weblog and for sending the Trackback. Appreciated. I think that would be a terrific idea and I would certainly like to get together with you and discuss this further. Since I am not sure what your IM client would be I think I will drop you an e-mail and then we can talk from there. Hope to be able to speak to you soon ! Till then, thanks again for the feedback and for the trackbacks !

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