QumanaXP Public Beta Launched – So Close!

7 thoughts on “QumanaXP Public Beta Launched – So Close!”

  1. Really appreciate you comin’ on back to Qumana to retry the new beta. You’ve always given us such amazing feedback. I am very hopeful we can work out a better solution for Roller and hope you continue to enjoy the experience!

    Definitely you hit the nail on the head – we really want to make blogging so easy that it becomes about the content, and sharing that content – not the technology 🙂

  2. Thanks very much, folks, for sharing your feedback comments ! Neville, welcome to elsua ! Thanks for confirming that the Trackback worked out all right. I am glad to hear about that since that is one of the main methods I use whenever I want to keep track of the conversations directly in my weblog. Thanks again for dropping by and for confirming it.
    Thanks again to Arieanna for sharing your feedback on the subject. I am actually enjoying the experience with the new beta quite a lot and have switched my external weblog elsua to it, once again. However, I still have got the issues with Roller and I am not sure if it is just a problem with the weblogging engine or with QumanaXP itself. I will have to check it out with the latest weblogging engine for Roller and see if that would work. If it does, I think I have got the perfect opportunity to use this weblogging software as my default weblogging software for my weblogs. We shall see how that goes.
    And regarding your other comments about focusing on just sharing content as opposed to all of the different technicalities that is exactly, I agree, what weblogging should be about. Non tech savvy folks would now have a solid option for sharing knowledge and information in such a manner that they can just focus on the content itself as opposed to everything else. Really nice and very much worth while pursuing. And the fact that you folks are already taking care of this even while we are still on a beta release it is a good thing because we can expect some more improvements over time. Good stuff ! Again appreciated all the feedback comments !

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