QumanaXP – Fixing Up Some Issues but Not There Just Yet

2 thoughts on “QumanaXP – Fixing Up Some Issues but Not There Just Yet”

  1. Thanks again for the support. We’re not sure why this release made Roller even less successful, but we’re hopeful for the future. Our new baby server is on its way and that will give us ample room to install and test all these platforms the way we need to – so, Roller’s top on the list!

  2. Thanks much, Arieanna, for dropping by and for sharing these feedback comments with us. I am really glad to read you will be able to test QumanaXP with Roller in that soon-arriving server and I hope that in another beta release, or whenever it goes into full production, we would be able to work successfully with it. It is the only thing that is stopping me now from not wanting to make use of QumanaXP as my default weblogging tool. Hopefully, that will not take too much time now. Fingers crossed. Appreciated the committed support in getting it to work. Thanks !

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