Will Performancing For FireFox, Qumana and Flock Ever Work with Roller Weblogger?

8 thoughts on “Will Performancing For FireFox, Qumana and Flock Ever Work with Roller Weblogger?”

  1. Luis,

    Thanks for bringing this up. While I have not actually tried out Roller, I can tell you that it is a PFF issue. In versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 the metaWeblog API is incorrect and does not work.

    This has been fixed and will be available in 1.1 which should go out on Tuesday.

    So sorry about that, it was an overlook on my part as I only recently (after 1.0.1 was released) found out there was an issue with this API.

    Once again, I’m sorry.

    Anyhow, once 1.1 is out if you could get that a try that would be awesome. In the meantime I’ll look into Roller and get a test account going for myself to try it on.


  2. Excellent stuff, Jed ! Thanks much for sharing with us what is actually happening with Performancing For FireFox. Indeed, just as I was posting this weblog entry I saw that you guys were working on an upcoming upgrade for PFF. I am glad to know you guys are fixing the MetaWeblog API issue and it will be my pleasure to take it for a spin this coming week and report on my findings as to how it went. I am glad to hear you guys are working actively towards fixing this issue and, hopefully, when the new release goes out we would be able to work with it the way it is supposed to. Thanks again for dropping by and for sharing this very valuable feedback ! No need to apologise. Just great stuff !

  3. No problem, thank you for pointing out the roller issue.
    Dave from rollerweblogger.org has been of great help explaining exactly what their API is doing, so 1.1 should be compatible.
    Also, sorry for the spacing issue on my comments.. not sure what’s going on there 😉

  4. Great, Jed ! Thanks again for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, I have read about it over at Roller‘s weblog that you guys are working together to make it work. That is just fantastic ! And I surely look forward to trying it out whenever it goes life. Hopefully, it will work just fine and we can certainly enjoy using a much nicer integration with that particular weblogging engine. Appreciated all the help, support and comments shared so far, Jed. Thanks !

    For those folks interested in following up the conversation over at Roller‘s weblog here you have got the link with the information details: Performancing 1.1 release coming soon.

  5. Hello César and thanks for the pingback ! Yes, indeed, I can’t wait for Performancing For FireFox 1.1 to go live as I have been waiting for it to see if I could transition into it without having a second piece of software installed in my machine to weblog content into my weblog. Great thing of this new release is that if it works all right we may be able to prepare the way for when Roller will be added as another weblogging engine, which means that setting it up will be really a piece of cake, as has been detailed over here: Performancing!.

    We shall see how that goes but so far it looks like things are looking bright. Thanks to Jed and Matt for their hard work and for their support. We, webloggers, will be very grateful to you both very shortly !

  6. Luis,

    1.1 is out!! 😀 I’ve been working with Dave, from Roller and he helped guide me while fixing support for roller.

    1.1 should work with the latest roller version, including accounts at jroller. However for category support I believe only the upcoming release of roller 2.1 get’s it right with tha API (I could be wrong, maybe other versions of roller will work).

    Anyhow, please give it a whirl and report back with any issues you are having, and as always I will try and get right on it.

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