Using Screencasts to Augment Instruction

5 thoughts on “Using Screencasts to Augment Instruction”

  1. I have just completed uploading a portion of a resource from a workshop I did
    ( which dovetails the information
    you’ve posted here. I would like to add the following items to why screencasts are
    A learning opportunity using technologies to which the student is accustomed.
    Quality control – same information covering same topics ‘Stoppable’ and Reviewable… Again and Again and Again
    Allows information to be presented incrementally rather than all at once as it is most often protrayed in hand-outs.

    I have added your blog post to my resource as well.

  2. Thanks very much, Sue, for adding your comments and for the great article you shared over at your web site. I have just finished reading it and I have enjoyed it quite a lot. After having read as well the three other benefits you have included above I just cannot but agree with you about each of them. Those are some really good points and something that I will get to use myself whenever there is a need for it. Thus thanks again for sharing those and also for including this weblog post in your article ! Appreciated.

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