Weblogging Directly from FireFox – Performancing for FireFox – Part Deux

10 thoughts on “Weblogging Directly from FireFox – Performancing for FireFox – Part Deux”

  1. Thanks, Lloyd, for the headsup. I have added some extensive commentary in your blog post. Have a look and see what you would think. I have now installed the latest build and my next weblog post would probably be directly from Flock. I am looking forward to it so let’s see how it goes.

  2. Thanks, Luis for these comprehensive reviews .. very useful, and you are doing half our work for us (just kidding) .. but the points you have been making will come up at our year – end product planning meeting next week. Some of these points / funtionalities we have had either under consideration or on the drawing board here at Qumana for a little while … as always in this area of endeavour, time and resources … but better, simpler and more powerful are our design principles.

  3. Hello Jon and welcome to elsua ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts. I am glad to see you guys are looking into different options to try to make the weblogging experience much more meaningful and easier to use. I shall certainly be looking forward to further developments and just a few hours ago Lloyd confirmed how I could get my hands on the latest working build for the weblogging component of Flock. So I am hoping to be able to take it for a spin and then share my thoughts on it. Stay tuned !

  4. Luis,

    Awesome, I really appreciate your post. Unlike most people who have blogged about Performancing, yours is perfect as it’s a great balance of what you find works and what doesn’t.

    Feedback like this rocks, and makes my life much easier 😉 so thanks once again.

    I’m going to try and answer your 5 points:

    1)Live preview: Yes, this is definitely something I need to work on.

    2)Keyboard Shortcuts: It does have some, all your standard formating short-cuts (ctrl-b -> bold, etc.) and ctl-s for saving as a note… I have a full list here, which will hopefully grow as the editor matures.

    3)Saving content: Agreed. I hate popups that always ask if you want to save your content, but I do agree that in many cases it is needed, as I’ve heard lots of complaints that people have lost data.. which sucks.

    4)Spell-check. Right now the dev version of Spellbound plays really nice with us, you might want to give it a run. Inline spell-checking is awesome. Maybe in the future we could bundle the functionality. I believe Firefox 2.0 will have it built in…but that’s another story..

    5)Agreed. I too want trackback and ping support.

    Once again, thanks, I know it takes time to try out programs, and even more to write about them, so I really appreciate you doing that, and am glad I found your blog.. I’m adding it to my bloglines now 😉


  5. Hello Jed and welcome to elsua! Thanks ever so much for the extensive feedback comments and for dropping by. This is really good stuff ! I am not sure what actually happened with the keyboard shortcuts but when I first tried to make use of them they would not work. They would be more part of the actual web browser. However, after I have read some more thanks to the link you have posted, it looks like I am back on track because I can now indeed get access to those keyboard shortcuts.

    I will surely look forward to seeing that list increase as I feel that there are a number of different actions that we, webloggers, get to make use on a regular basis and having a keyboard shortcut for them would be terrific ! Please add some more as time goes by.

    Thanks for commenting on item 3) I have actually learned how to handle it now, which is basically, staying away from everything else, but I would think that a quick pop up message to prompt for saving the changes or not would not harm anyone. At least, that would be one of those popups that I could well put up with.

    Regarding the spell check, I have already got Spellbound installed and it is playing really nice with Performancing for FireFox, indeed. So I will start making use of it as time goes by. Thanks for the tip !

    And, finally, thanks again for the additional support on trackback and pingbacks ! I shall be looking forward for some further updates on this whenever they may be ready. Appreciated the support on this particular item as I feel it is one of the most important for us all webloggers, whether we are getting started with our weblog or for advanced webloggers.

    Thanks again for the feedback and for the headsup ! I shall be documenting as well as I go forward what my experience has been so far while making use of this particular superb FireFox extension. Keep up the good work and keep us posted !

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