Making Sense of Social Bookmarking Offerings – vs. BlinkList

24 thoughts on “Making Sense of Social Bookmarking Offerings – vs. BlinkList”

  1. Hi,

    Since you mentioned subscribing to feeds of interest provided by other social bookmarking services, I have a suggestion that, I think, would be both complementary and more valuable, and possibly more pleasant for you. If you are interested in KM, Communities of Practice, Collaboration, Social Networking and Work/Life Balance, then what would really serve your purpose are Simpy’s Groups!
    Simpy’s Groups will allow you to invite other people from these fields into the Group (and they don’t have to already be Simpy members) and collaborate by bookmarking and tagging as a Group. Of course, you’d probably want to create a few Groups for different areas of interest.
    Each Group has its own feed you can subscribe to, if you want to, and of course each Group has a _full-text_ search that can go against the full-text content of bookmarked pages, tags, titles, nicknames, descriptions, and any combination of these fields.

    Anyhow, I hope this helps.

  2. Oh, one more thing. You mentioned Opera. There is currently a bug in one of the 3rd party libraries I’m using for Simpy, so Opera users get logged out when they shouldn’t. While I’m working on the fix, you may want to use any other browser just to check out the fnctionality that i described above.

  3. Thanks a lot, Otis, for the feedback comments and welcome to elsua! I must say that I was not aware of what you could do with Simpy Groups but the way you describe it could be really powerful, specially for larger groups of folks, whether they belong to a team or whether they are part of a community, independently of the actual subject matter. And certainly this option could be very powerful to help those groups build up a common library of web links that could then be shared with new members to the team or as a repository of essential links worth while saving and working with them further. Pretty nice ! I will be taking a look into the feature you describe above as soon as that bug for Opera gets fixed and if it does not happen soon enough then I will go ahead and give it a try with FireFox and see how it would work and if everything goes the way you describe above and how I think it could be used for virtual teams and communities I will be sharing these thoughts with the folks I collaborate with and see if we can make use of this neat feature.

    Thanks again for sharing it with us and for dropping by ! Great stuff !

  4. Luis – it sounds like you see the value of Groups! Excellent! I really need to work on that fix for Opera. It’s not really a Simpy bug, but some other tool’s bug, but I’ll try to help those people fix the bug and help Simpy users who prefer Opera, like you do.

  5. Thanks a bunch, Otis, for the heads up ! Much appreciated ! I shall keep an eye on it and as soon as it gets fixed please do let us know. In the mean time I am going to check that groups functionality from Simpy on other browsers and see how it would go. Thanks again for dropping by !

  6. I have been using Blinklist for a few months now and so far prefer it over all the social bookmark services I have seen. However, my primary use of it is to to simply bookmark my links for use on other computers. I like the ability to mark links “private” ( has some know “privacy” issues) and the general ease of use. The Blinklist tool bar for Firefox works great and make frequent use of my Blinklist “QuickStart” page. So far my only complaint is that a few times Blinklist was not available…. of course it is still “Beta” (hey, so is GMail!) and I am sure it is going through some growing pains.

  7. Hello Mike and welcome ! I am glad to see you have made it over here and have shared such valuable feedback comments ! Indeed, ever since I have posted this weblog post I have been making extensive use of BlinkList and so far I have been enjoying the experience quite a lot, actually. Regarding your comments with the performance I must say that I haven’t experienced many so far but I am not surprised to read from your comments about them. I guess that is what happens with Beta applications that are starting to grab some momentum from end-users who may have been using other popular offerings and want to have something new and fresh to try out and make use of. I guess that is one of the growing pains we will have to live with, but as long as the performance keeps being worked on I think we would be off to a good start. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Mike.

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