Lotus Connections – What Is It? – Some Initial Thoughts

6 thoughts on “Lotus Connections – What Is It? – Some Initial Thoughts”

  1. Thanks a lot, Sawada-san, for the feedback comments ! I am glad to read you have enjoyed the weblog post with the brief summary. I have got in my drafts a number of different thoughts I would be sharing for each of the components and how they would be coming along together, so stay tuned because there would be some more updates as we move forward in 2007 and in preparation for the final release some time during 2007. And, of course, there would be a couple of surprises along the way 🙂

    Appreciated the feedback and the trackback, Simon. Thanks a lot for dropping by and for helping spread the message around! Actually, I don’t think that you would need to wait for a long while before you may be getting that invite 😉 Stay tuned for some further updates… because there may be something coming along the way very soon !

    (Oh, and I just noticed that you live in a place which is not that very far from the place where I was born and raised. Excellent!)

  2. Luis, so far the blogs that cover REFLECTIONs of Lotusphere 2007 is NOT so many as oppoesed to enthusiatic comments by those who are deeply involved in organizing the event itself. So your coverage would be very much arrpreciated. Rgds

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