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Personal Knowledge Management Revisited

In the past I have been weblogging a few times already about one subject that I have always been very interested in: Personal Knowledge Management. Indeed, over the course of the years, and with the emergence of social software, I have been thinking more along the lines of how knowledge[…]

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Looking at Personal Knowledge Management

While I was getting ready and prepared for the presentation I did on Personal Knowledge Management at the IBM TLE event last week I got to read some very interesting stuff on the subject of PKM and I thought I would just pick up some of those thoughts and place[…]

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Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) – An Update

After the weblog post I shared a couple of days ago on Social Networks – Knowledge Management Done Right I thought you might be interested in another post around the same subject (Personal Knowledge Management) that Dave Pollard (Author as well of Why Knowledge Management Is So Important) shared yesterday: Personal[…]

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