#LeadWithRespect Meme: a Challenge for 21st Century Management

3 thoughts on “#LeadWithRespect Meme: a Challenge for 21st Century Management”

  1. Luis, another great article ….. “businesses are just renting out knowledge workers’ free time to do their work” …. how very true, a great quote to take forward

    1. Hi Richard, many thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments. Glad you have enjoyed the article and really pleased you enjoyed as well that quote. I just wish businesses would understand that, once and for all. I can see how in the past they would feel like they owned the employees and the latter should be a group that should be appreciative and obliged for having a job, but in the times of abundance, choices aplenty, knowledge flows and a completely different mindset towards work and how it blends with life I guess it’s time for businesses to pick up their act together and start acting accordingly with the times we are living in. We would all be much better of, methinks 🙂

      Thanks again for the lovely feedback and for taking the time to drop by. Greatly appreciated.

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