Can Twitter Serve as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool?

5 thoughts on “Can Twitter Serve as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool?”

  1. Nice post. I agree: Twitter is a great Personal KM tool.
    I solved the archiving problem by using Dave Winer’s script to back up tweets to Google Reader. Now I’ve archived them and can search them. I even find myself reading tweets in GReader.

  2. Thanks much for the article. I had not heard of Evernote, that sounds like a great and easy possibility to capture from Twitter as well as Facebook, which is also just terrible in that you lose knowledge after a short period. I’ve been searching as well for an FB archival tool to no avail via their apps systems, this might do it.

    Samuel, thanks as well for the Google Reader tip.

    I do expect that Twitter as well as social network sites will develop some sort of healthier archival system rather than leave it to 3rd party developers, at least given the commercial opportunity if you own/manage that archival/recall process, adn also given the lack of 3rd party developers doing anything really slick here to date.

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