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New Experiement: Splitting Personalities

Tenerife - Mount Teide & SurroundingsAfter the holidays and with all of the frenzy and hectic activities going on for Lotusphere 2010, which will get started next week in Orlando, FL, I didn’t have much of a choice with regards to sharing with you folks something that I got started a few days back, but that I have been thinking about it for a few months now. Yes, indeed, a new experiment! You see? This is what a long period of holidays would do to you! It would make you think things over and over and when coming back to work you would be ready to give that new idea a good try.

In my case, it is not so much of a new idea, not even a resolution for the new year, but something that I have been pondering about for the last few months already. Something that over the recent Christmas holidays I had an opportunity to think plenty more about it and take it into action as I returned back to work nearly a week ago.

No, not to worry, it hasn’t got to do anything email this time around (I think living "A World Without Email" is more than enough at this point in time, don’t you think?). However, it does relate to one of the social software tools that I have enjoyed the most in the nearly three years that I have been using it. Indeed, Twitter!

If you remember, last year I created a blog post where I was sharing some insights as to how disappointed I have been as of late with a number of social software tools outside of the firewall that I surely didn’t think would be turning around like they did, i.e. not respecting basic data ownership principles from their end-users based on their rather aggressive Terms of Service. Yes, I am talking about social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn & Slideshare, amongst several others.

I am still planning on coming back to that blog entry I shared a little while ago with a follow up one for 2010, since there have been some very interesting follow up comments from a couple of folks, but for now I thought I would share with you folks some more details on that new experiment as the result of me not using none of those three from here onwards (At least, till they change their ToS accordingly).

So, from here onwards I won’t be using any of those social tools I mentioned above, which means I will be having plenty of available time and energy to invest elsewhere. And this is where my new experiment for this year will kick in effectively. You may want to have a look and read this Techcrunch article by Vivek Wadhwa, to give you a little bit of background on what I am about to start (Hint: Basically use Twitter as my main social networking tool outside of the firewall, both for personal and business like interactions).

For a good number of months I have been thinking about splitting personalities with my one social software tool of choice outside the firewall (Twitter) and I think it’s now a good time to make it happen. That’s why for the last few days I have now got two many Twitter IDs that I will be using on a regular basis from here onwards. One of them, my usual one, elsua; the one I have been using now for nearly three years and where I try to have conversations around various topics of interest, which happen to be the very same ones as you will find in this blog. To name: Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Communities, Learning, Social Computing and Social Software Adoption. Basically, the one I will continue to make use of as I have been doing all along.

And the second one, elsua_b, which is the one I have decided to split personalities with from here onwards. Yes, that’s right! For the last few days I have already been using that second Twitter account to continue sharing nuggets about the very same topics as with the other one, but with a slight twist. And, that is, that I will, from here onwards, use this second account for everything that relates to IBM 2.0. Basically, my day job.

That’s right! After a few months of thinking whether it would be worth while splitting personalities and create this separate account for work related stuff it’s time for me to dive in and see how that experiment would go. I know that this may come as a surprise to plenty of folks, but, to be honest, there is a good reason why I wanted to get started with this experiment: and, that is to start sharing with the rest of the world some of the amazing stuff I get exposed to on a daily basis inside the company with regards to KM, CommunityBuilding, Learning and Social Computing. And not just from what I’m getting involved myself, but, mainly, from plenty of the activities that other fellow colleagues have embarked themselves on for a long while now.

Yes, all along I have been keeping "quiet" about this, since I didn’t want to overwhelm folks with far too much tweeting away than what I already do! (Yeah, those folks who already follow me know what it is like 😉 hehe); so that filtering is now going away with this new account: elsua_b.

I must say that for the few days that I have been trying it out I have been enjoying it quite a bit; I thought I would find it harder to work with both of them concurrently, but I have been using two of my favourite Twitter tools and that seems to have helped quite a bit. For elsua_b I am using Tweetie for the Mac, while for elsua I am playing, in between, with both Mixero and Nambu (When it doesn’t crash! -Ouchie!).

The interesting thing is that I didn’t know how helpful it would become right away eventually till I started to get everything ready for Lotusphere 2010, because I will be taking the opportunity to share with folks out there, who may be interested, what will be happening at the event, but instead of overwhelming folks with IBM related tweets at elsua I am going to make use of elsua_b instead.

I am sure you may be wondering now which one of the two you may want to follow, if you are using Twitter yourself, right? Well, I am pretty ok with whatever the approach: if you would want to follow the brand elsua keep following that one; if you would rather fancy checking out some of the stuff I get exposed to inside IBM with regards to helping make IBM more like IBM 2.0, then go ahead and follow elsua_b, because that’s where I will be sharing those related IBM tweets (Starting with live tweeting the Lotusphere conference next week!).

Oh, and if you don’t want to follow any of the two, that’s fine, too! Long time ago I learned just like I couldn’t keep up with following everyone, I would no longer get upset if people unfollow or don’t follow at all. Life is just too short to worry about such silly things as following & unfollowing, don’t you think? To me, Twitter is about providing good business value of their time (And mine!) by sharing knowledge nuggets that not only do I benefit about, but so do the network(s) of people who decided to follow me. Hopefully. In short, and that’s what matters, as far as I am concerned: helping you get the value of this split personality, because from my own perspective I’m already getting plenty out of it myself!

Thus stay tuned, because that me continuing to provide value will start next week, like I have just mentioned above, with Lotusphere where I will be live tweeting from that second account as much as I could possibly can, and, of course, depending on the network connectivity and availability. Fingers crossed the wi-fi will hold this year … So far, things are indicating that it may well be as if it will. Let’s hope so!

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  1. Welcome to the split personality in twitter. When I started blogging I got a second twitter id so as to not swamp blog followers with all the fluff in my ‘personal’ id.

    I’m using Mixero for both. So far, so good.

  2. Great post Luis. I split my personalities quite early in my Twitter evolution and have been very happy with how it has gone. I use @swanwick for topics similar to your @elsua account and @SpkrInteractive for topics relevant to event professionals (mostly technology and social media for events).

    To make matters even more complicated I also manage a few products and so tweet separately for them: @twebevent is one.

    I use Mixero and find it works extremely well to jump btwn personalities.

    Look forward to hearing how your experiment progresses

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