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Resistance Is Futile – Finally Joining Facebook!

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After several weeks resisting the peer pressure of seeing most of the folks from my social networks on Facebook and been encouraged to join in time and time again; after a good number of conversations and twitterings on the pros and cons of being part of the borg; and, finally, after engaging over the last couple of days in a number of conversations around the blog post I created a couple of days ago on this subject (Facebook ‘Costs Businesses Dear’ – Does It Really?), I have finally decided to give in and re-activate my Facebook account. Yes, that is right. I am back in the game!

Most of the folks I have been having conversations with around the subject of Facebook know that from the very beginning, a few months ago actually, I have somewhat been concerned about various privacy issues, while making use of such social utility as Facebook, in order to keep in touch with the folks that I already know from various other social networks.

However, at the same time, and due to the increasing number of negative commentary from traditional media on the business value of Facebook, amongst many other social networks, I think it was about time that I would jump into it with both feet and try to figure out whether I can establish if it would have a business value for me or not and for those folks I connect with on a regular basis.

Who would have thought about that, right? Originally a discussion that would, in most cases, put people off is actually what is dragging me into Facebook. Funny, eh? All of the traditional media encouraging businesses to be weary about the value add from sites like this one and I get to jump into right on that very same day. I guess they succeeded, don’t you think? … Not!!!

So during the course of the day I have been building up my Facebook profile and one of the things that I have noticed, and which was probably not really a surprise, was the huge amount of people from the different social networks that I belong to who are already members of it and who have been facebooking along. So much so that it kind of felt like I was the last one to join the party.

The great thing though is, like in all parties, the welcomes are incredibly refreshing and re-energising. Yes, I have waiting for a few months, but somehow it feels like I am going to enjoy the ride. And more importantly, I am hoping to be able to contribute to the overall experience and share with everyone how you can certainly benefit from using it. People from my own networks who know me really well have mentioned already that now that I am on Facebook I would be able to see its true potential and benefit from it, as opposed to keep on reading from various sources what their own experiences were all about. Now, I have got the chance of sharing my own and with a proper opinion.

Finally, one of the comments I have received earlier on through my Twitter handle has been that of Dennis McDonald, who is wondering what my approach is going to be: "it will be interesting to see what "best practices" you practice regarding Facebook app adoption. e.g., everything or nothing?" I must say that I haven’t given it too much thought just yet. What I do know though is that I feel it is going to be something in between. There are far too many FB apps. available out there already and there isn’t a chance I am going to be playing around with them all. At the same time, I am not going to have a semi-empty profile, at least, not planning to at this stage.

Thus what I am probably going to do is just take it easy and slowly but steadily build up from there, pretty much like I am doing with my MacBook Pro and my transition into making it my default work machine. It is getting nearly there and so will my Facebook profile. Fancy joining me?

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  1. Dennis regularly asks great questions and that one is a good example. A related question is “what will your policy be about accepting invitations to ‘friend’ someone?”. I have a stack of invitations sitting there from people I don’t recognise but just might have some connection with: they might expect that I would know and I am wimping out about rejecting the offer, lest I unwittingly give offence.

  2. It is quit funny and more genius for you join Facebook for reasons out of the norm. I told myself since I was in the eleventh grade(which i am currently a freshman at Michigan State University)that i would never join facebook. I said to myself that I would not put myself in the position to join what i thought was “a setup for negativity,” but just like you, i began to get curious and wonder what was so great about Facebook. My summer got so boring this year, that i decided to join. I never knew that i could meet new people and rekindle former friendships, all the way from elementary. Despite all the negativity that i thought would come from being a member, it turned out to work for the best. I began to network and meet new people before i made my transition from high school to college. I would love to hear more about the way that your research is coming.

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