How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools

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    1. WOW! Thanks ever so much, Joachim, for those lovely suggestions around mindmapping! I am a huge fan of mindmaps myself and have been using multiple tools over the course of the years.

      Nowadays, most of my mindmapping happens through my iPad and more than anything else as a personal offline productivity app, which I suppose is the main reason why I didn’t include them in this blog post, but you are right that mindmapping can be a massive productivity tool to help organise ideas and take them into action from using tools like The Brain, Mindjet MindManager, MindNode, MindMeister (of course!), etc. etc.

      Much appreciated sharing all of those tips! I have already made some time in my agenda for later in the week to play around with a couple of options I wasn’t very familiar with and see how I may be able to use them. Thanks much, once again, for dropping by and for the superb addition into the conversation, Joachim. Way too cool !

  1. A great summary with some good leads to follow up on. Re Google+ I have to add something as a woman on the social network sphere I am totally creeped out by the number of strange men who add me to their circles without any clue as to what those cycles are and why I’m being added – and I’m sure as heck not going to reciprocate to find out. After the fantasy play with people’s pictures of their children I’m afraid ones imagination does take a turn to the worse when you keep on being added without apparent logic or learning/network benefits & unlike the other platforms there is no way of blocking them. So google+ gets a huge minus in my world

    1. Hi Nadine, thanks a lot for taking the time to drop by and for sharing those wonderful comments! Greatly appreciated. I know exactly what you mean about Google Plus and even more so when vast majority of the end-users in that social networking tool are male. The good thing about G+ is that you may have perhaps a whole lot more flexibility than with other social networking tools in terms of things you could do to help tame things a bit.

      Here are a few suggestions without trying to defend G+ per se, but to open up a window of opportunity perhaps: you could block / ignore those who add you into their circles expecting reciprocation or just simply if they are just too creepy. Some social tools don’t work well with blocking, but G+ does a superb job at it and it may well be worth a try. Also, another option, would be to build your own circles and use those vs. the stream. If you don’t include any of those unwanted people into your circles when you share to them they won’t be able to see a single thing and you can keep the conversations within the circles. It’s my favourite feature by far since it allows you to build as many as you’d want to and work with them as you would want to, not how the system would like you to work with them and the algorithms.

      Hope those couple of options may help, although, like I said, I’m not trying to defend G+, since I think there is still plenty of room for improvement to help improve the overall user experience of the use case you mentioned above and I do hope they do get their act accordingly over time. Have you noticed that kind of behaviour in other social networking tools, perhaps? I saw from your blog you hang out in multiple other ones, so wondering if it is just endemic to G+ or more general. Hope it’s not the latter and that we can do something about it. No-one should be intimidated when interacting with social tools. Not now, not ever! Grrr

      Thanks again for the feedback and let me know how I can be of further help, please, if needed be.

  2. Thank you for this huge list! IThat’s really great work done! All I would like to add is personally my favourite collaboration tool use it beacuse it helps to see the big picture of the project and it nice designed. I can draw my project as a flowchart and communicate about every task with people in my team. Hope you will find it useful!

    1. Hi Mary, many thanks for the kind feedback and for noticing the blog post! I really appreciate it and even more so for sharing the link to Quite an interesting approach towards PM for sure and worth while having a look! I am currently on the road with limited connectivity, but I have already made a note to check it out when I get back to my home office later on this week. Looks really good and I’ll be looking forward to taking it for a spin! Again, thanks a bunch for dropping by and for sharing that recommendation! Way cool! 😀

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