#Movistar – Who Owns Your Customers’ Problems?

2 thoughts on “#Movistar – Who Owns Your Customers’ Problems?”

  1. Great story, Luis! You evidently had an extremely difficult time without Internet access for so long.

    My experience is not as bad as yours, but I had more than 4 years in a place with only about 1Mbps and multiple failures. Now I have much more and fibre is available that I have not even subscribed to (yet).

    You make some interesting comments about mobile access speeds. As I see it, mobile speeds have been increasing faster than landline speeds for quite a long time. Also some experimental mobile networks are demonstrating extremely high speeds. So it not very surprising that mobile has overtaken landline in some areas and will do so in others.

    You might find that your landline never catches up with your mobile in terms of speed. I suspect that before too long, depending on pricing, many people will drop the use of land lines and rely entirely on mobile, as many people are already doing for telephones.

    An interesting topic and it’s great to read about your experience.

    1. Hi John, many thanks for the lovely feedback and the wonderful comments! Yes, it’s been quite challenging and something I wouldn’t even recommend to my worst enemy 😉 In all honesty, I am now glad things have been fixed and so far the experience has been flawless. It was just that bumpy start that took me down for so long that was the most frustrating. But hopefully that’s a thing in the long gone past to never return again!

      I think I am going to disagree with your commentary about the mobile speeds and everything. Yes, they are going to increase more and more over time. Currently, for myself, it’s 3 times faster than my ADSL, but there is a single item that still makes my landline connection worth while having: unlimited bandwidth.

      With my current mobile provider, which is the same as my ADSL provider, I have got a limit of 2GB per month, for which I’m paying a substantial amount of ‘extra’ money, whereas with my ADSL line, yes, the speeds are lower, but the unlimited bandwidth makes it worthwhile. I’d say that till mobile providers don’t get their act together and break those silly quota limits per month ADSL landlines will still be here for a long while, I am afraid.

      I once tried to rely on those 2GB, which I then upgraded to 5GB per month, and it lasted me 2 working days. I am really sorry to say this, but fully relying on your mobile and 3g / 4g for data is not there just yet. At least, over here in Spain, where I live.

      Hoping that will change some time really soon! Again, thanks for the kind feedback and for adding further up into the conversation! Much appreciated.

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