#Movistar Killed the Web Star

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  1. Hi Luis, hope this gets resolved in the matter of hours at least. Crossing my fingers for you! (Nightmate article..not to mention this is reality for you..omg! ) Lots of strenght!

    1. Hi Lydia, many thanks for dropping by and for noticing this article. It’s *greatly* appreciated. Yes, me, too! I *do* hope that within a matter of hours they would eventually install the landline and ADSL and I can get back to work. Nearly 2 months have gone by and I am still waiting! Although judging where we are I think it’s going to be another 2 to 3 weeks, at least, before it happens. A disgrace, if you ask me, but one has got to keep moving and will have to keep stealing the wi-fi from friends and wherever else I can find, while the embarrassment of the telco’s incompetence keeps shining through more and more by the day!

      Fingers crossed things will be fixed up SOON! Thanks again for the kind wishes and hope you are keeping well!

  2. If it’s any consolation I’ve experienced similar issues in New Zealand (monopoly provider the only one available in the location) and remote Australia (once again, monopoly provider). In NZ a truck hit an overhead line (yep, real high-tech) and 2 months later the whole area still had no service. A tourist location also. In Australia the lines company was separate from the internet provider. A fault in the lines which the company had no vested interest to fix. While the internet provider continued to charge. It took so long, I had moved before the fault was fixed. Many further months to remove myself from the internet providers bad debtors category and stop getting threatening calls, as I obviously couldn’t login to their online system. It’s extremely frustrating and even more so when you speak to a different person each call, that person being in India and not having any idea where you are on a map. The irony is that in supposed ‘Third World’ countries, I’ve found internet connection works brilliantly, instantly and at one hundredth of the cost. I’m sorry, but I take some pleasure in knowing that other people in the world have experienced similar frustrations! Hope you are soon connected!

    1. Hi Indi, thanks a lot for dropping by and for noticing this article. I am not too sure whether I should go ahead and cry my lungs out at the realisation of how telcos in general have us all grabbed by the b*lls doing whatever they would want to with their customers, regardless of the country and geography. The stories you have shared above from recent horrifying experiences in ANZ surely confirmed that and, while relieving to see how I’m not the only one going through these issues, it’s utterly depressing to see how much of a monopoly they all have across the globe with no-one doing much to change it to help improve the already disgusting client experiences!

      And RE: the customer service I can relate to your experiences as well as I have been talking for the last 2 months with about a dozen of people who keep telling me they are keeping an eye on the request, but very little action or ownership / responsibility of the problem to be fixed, which is perhaps every more annoying as they are behaving like firefighters trying to extinguish my rage / impatience flames from over the last few weeks and still going strong. And here we are, January 4th, and still *NOTHING!* And worst tidbit is that I haven’t got a single confirmation as to when it’s going to happen! Arrrggghhh

      And, I, too, share those experiences of going to some so-called Third World countries where free public wifi is available across the board, decent speeds are in place at hotels and other types of lodging and prices / service of ADSL & fibre are par to non from the First World where it sounds as if telcos are keener in leeching their customers with the highest bids of profit while neglecting to provide good quality / customer service.

      I guess my telco is one of those leeches as I just got charged another 70€ for a service I haven’t been able to use in 2 months and not a single person has utter a simple “I am so sorry, sir, for your trouble. Here’s how we are going to fix it this week”.

      Ha!! Wishful thinking, I guess … #lesigh

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