The Future Is Ours

2 thoughts on “The Future Is Ours”

  1. A great post, Luis! I’m not sure if this is just my personality or it’s a way that I’ve trained myself over time, but I feel like I can quickly refocus after a tough day, week, etc. I’d pose the question, can one be trained to have this positive attitude after a loss? I think so. Countless athletes (not the best example) have shown me that they were able to overcome loss to focus on the next putt, the next shot, the next at-bat. Inspiration can be found any where and I think your ability to continue to focus is a great example for others to follow as well.

    1. Hi Fred, what a great point, indeed! I think that’s what the whole discussion about being resilient and persevere is all about. No matter how many times you may fall down, there is always a great chance to stand up and keep moving forward. I think the whole key to the equation is whether what you are doing keeps motivating you to stand up vs. giving up. I can imagine if that motivation, focus and purpose is there I would say there would be a great chance we will be standing up again. So, I, too, do believe that we can teach ourselves how we can stand up over and over again, if we have got the right motivation to make it happen 🙂

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