Pep Talk – Who Moved My Cheese?

15 thoughts on “Pep Talk – Who Moved My Cheese?”

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks ever so much, my dear! Yes, it’s been quite a few interesting weeks, for real, since we last met at Connect in Orlando. Things have turned around in the most of unexpected ways and I can’t wait to share the news with everyone out there… New chapters to be written, they call it. Well, I am about to start writing the next one … hehe

      Hoping to share the news soon enough! 🙂

      PS. Will I see you in Paris for the #e20s event?

      1. Hi Eric, yeah, I can imagine! I have been in the dark (again!) for far too long, right? Well, this time around it’s self-inflicted for some of the reasons I hinted above that I needed to clarify, soul-search them accordingly for myself and eventually decide … where did my cheese move and go fetch it!

        And I found it 🙂

        … More soon …

  1. Love the suspense! Who moved it and where did you find it?
    For this intriguing “interruption” there is only one Luis! Looking forward to the update!

    1. Hi Marie-Louise, thanks a lot! Yeah, I know the suspense is killing you all! But not to worry, it will soon be over as I am just waiting for final few details and then I will share the info along!

      RE: who move it?, Well, the ones with the power to move it, unfortunately 😉 RE: where did I find it?, That’s to come … Hang in there for a little bit longer, but I can tell you it’s a bigger, MUCH BIGGER cheese altogether! hehe

      It’s going to surprise a few folks in all senses of the word surprise, I can tell you that! It will round up a beautiful story, too! And you will see why when I share it across 🙂

      (Just a few more days …)

  2. I have a copy of the book on a shelf at home, must read it again. The roadmap for IBM products is going to have me looking for some new cheese 🙂

    Thank you for the intriguing post and for the video in particular.

    Good luck writing your next chapter.

    1. Hi Jason! That’s just excellent! Yeah, it’s a great book, very easy to read, but yet with so many powerful and inspiring messages. Throughout all of this turbulent time I have just gone through it’s been a huge reminder on that soul-searching activity that I can certainly recommend everyone out there to dive into, if they would have a need for it, at some point …

      Glad you enjoyed the post, as well as the video clip and many many thanks for the kind commentary! If I can help out with that roadmap as well, please do let me know… Happy to help out where I possibly can 🙂

  3. Hum, good appetizer isn’t it?
    I’m looking forward to meeting you in Paris in March and maybe discovering the main course (a Swiss fondue) !
    PS : just drop me an email if you want to share the good news before 😉

    1. Hi Claude, oh, yes, sir! A very enticing appetiser, indeed! :-)) Yes, you will find out about the main course way way before we meet up in Paris, for sure! hehe

      RE: email, errr, nope, don’t think it’s going to happen! Sametime perhaps 😛

    1. Ciao Emanuele, soon, *very* soon, my friend! Actually, any day now! Just waiting for the final few details before my new cheese is formalised and we are OFF! 😀

      But, like I said, not just yet, my friend. Not just yet… Hang on with that excitement for a few more days and then get ready for plenty of good fun! hehe

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