The Fallacy of Social Networking

8 thoughts on “The Fallacy of Social Networking”

  1. Bravo Luis! Thank you for this post, I’m glad you are OK, and happy for you and your friends and loved ones that you have been spending time with them, helping in whatever way you can directly in your community. I have felt absent recently from online social networks too, and it has felt weird, but right for me for personal reasons. So, your post really resonates for me. I especially liked that you said, ‘social for social sake is now dead.’

    I may not be doing as deep a re-evaluation as you about my online and offline time. But I do know that the relationships and areas where we can have a direct effect are what really matter. Our choices on how we want to spend our time and energy, and where we can make a difference are very individual and personal. It is up to each of us to choose for ourselves.

    So, cheers to you! And to me. 🙂 May we keep on keepin’ on! <3

  2. Yes, yes, yes.

    I remember throwing out cartons of beloved LP records, video cassettes, and 8 mm home movies, lost forever because the format changed. Facebook and Twitter are transitory. It’s always hazardous to leave anything you want to hold on to in somebody else’s safe.

    As for my blog, I’d never give up my personal printing press. Mine’s been going more than a decade. It’s me.


  3. Nice post, Luis. Love your honesty. Good to hear you are doing fine and hope you find the time to help your loved ones. These times make it extra clear you’re very lucky if you have a job and loved ones around you.
    I also agree with your more critical approach to social business lately. For me it started with the last Summit in Paris. I was wondering: are we really making progress? Are we really learning? And how come social isn’t bringing us more within and outside of companies. Just like the learning organization is harder to reach than we thought. I mean Senge’s book is 20 years old…
    It’s something we should discuss in real life sometime. The darker, more real side of business and social business.
    Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Luis.

    A friend recently reminded me of the tendency of organisations to “co-opt and neutralise” any kind of dissent – that’s exactly what’s happening with social media now – big business is appropriating it and trying to quash it. Of course it is! So now the fight is really on 🙂

    Been thinking about Spain a lot; especially with the Olympics here in London now, memories of Barcelona’92 are flooding back. Hope everything is okay with you and your nearest and dearest – glad you’re spending time offline – it’s good to keep everything in perspective. And shore up your intellectual strength for later!

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