Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders

13 thoughts on “Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders”

  1. Thanks,
    Great post,nice to read, a bit far from the reality, but you’re right, the BIG question is “what can we do to help prepare them?”
    Leadership is a one of the less shared quality and we have been used to consider the leader more as a person giving orders than serving, specially in Europe where the idea of service is not people’s DNA !
    Luis, do you believe that business schools and universities are working on this skills and preparing people to become servant leaders?

  2. Luis,
    Thanks for this great post!

    If I had to add something, I would say that servant leaders responsible managers and that “bosses” are irresponsible…

  3. The days of the old boss aren’t “long gone”. Their long-term effectiveness may well be, but I think you will find a great many of them in the majority of businesses.
    Until that cadre of management currently in their 50s has rotated out of the workforce these old ways will persist.
    Fresh blood at the top, or senior execs who buy the social business framework are the agents of change to speed this process up, it is difficult to make a change from the bottom up in such an environment.

  4. Nice post, Luis. The work by Greenleaf is great and still hardly understood and implemented…
    I also want to point to Jim Collins’ book ‘Good to great’. What he writes about Level 5 leadership also fits well on servant leadership. The great thing about this kind of leadership is that it leads to sustainable growth and great companies, as Collins shows. So, it’s not only more humand, but profitable as well. Managers and bosses will (hopefully) love that… 🙂

  5. Thanks for the link to this post. It is so true, a year later, and 6 years later. Absolutely the knowledge that I want to impart to the IBM Managers when I speak to them in June on empowering the digital workforce. All your inner links are great bits of knowledge too. I live the concept of “Being In Service” and that is what I see as your Servant Leadership. Now to get it into a ppt. Thanks as always.

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