Don’t Underestimate the Power of (Social) Collaboration. It Is Not a Given

4 thoughts on “Don’t Underestimate the Power of (Social) Collaboration. It Is Not a Given”

  1. Bravo Luis! Well stated.

    Communications and Collaboration and now Enterprise Social is critical and expected but taken for granted by so many companies.

    It’s a little like people who just eat to stop hunger. Food is so critical to our health and performance, yet most taken nutrition for granted. The right nutrition (social collaboration) can make all the difference in performance.

    I would add one key advantage regarding Social. People are too busy to be organizationally altruistic. Email is self-serving (“Hey you, I need something from you.”). Collaboration solutions have traditionally been adopted by altruists (“It’s easier to do this by email, but by using this collaboration tool, I’ll be helping colleagues.”).

    Social, on the other hand, delivers (for the first time) BOTH. There’s tangible value to the individual (“I can find more info, reduce spam, and get more help in problem solving.”) AND thereby delivers more value to the community like knowledge sharing, transparency, engagement.

    It’s these paired benefits to individual and organization that make Social so powerful. Once a company or individual goes Social, they will not want to go back to Email.

  2. I am starting to think more and more that standard onboarding practice is that group managers should have the conversation with their new employee on what the team collaboration expectations are. Not so much on how to use the tools (though I think that should exist too), but on expectations for response, access to colleagues (and managers), general preferences for the various tools, etc…

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