You Are Not Perfect! Live With It

One thought on “You Are Not Perfect! Live With It”

  1. Hi Luis – I can’t agree with you more on how working over 40 hours a week destroys not only the work you’re doing but our ability to better understand the work we’re actually doing, reading, discussing topics to gain insights and in turn innovating and delivering better value to the clients we serve.

    As an example, having left IBM recently, I’ve learned more in a week about topics I have a strong passion in that related to my field and interests than 2 years on the job working 70+ hours a week.

    We hear the argument over and over ‘It’s how you plan’ but when the norm is others are working as many hours as you it makes you wonder.

    I remember at business school a good anecdote where 3M Corp. gave/gives employees 15% of their work week to work on ideas for new products. Imagine if these kind of practice we’re implemented at an ‘overworked’ corporation.

    To your point this is both personal and cultural. Why is it that even very capable leaders don’t see their burning out their workforces?

    Thanks again for the post. It’s invigorated me for the day:)

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