The Tribulations of Customer Service with Opera

One thought on “The Tribulations of Customer Service with Opera”

  1. I’m still using Opera, but yeah, the two times I wanted something of them, it was bothersome.
    I once had an account on their social network. When the time came that I decided to quit it, I found there’s no option to do so personally. All you can do is contact them and ask them to please remove it for you. And so I did. And waited and waited. I don’t remember whether I got in the queue for support tickets, just that I posted on their forums, also asking what else I need to do so they finally delete it. Eventually, they did, weeks after the original request.
    And just now I wanted to mail them on a misleading icon in their mail client (even when the hover-text says “Restore”, apparently the icon in the mail garbage bin finally deletes the mail). Have yet to find an e-mail address for customer contact on their website. If it is there, it’s rather well hidden. “Support” just leads you to their forums, if you don’t have a bug to report.
    Goodness. Why such bad customer relations experiences when their browser is so practical?

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