The Tribulations of Business Travelling with Delta Airlines

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  1. We can take this offline (into email? 🙂 but IBM’s travel agency should have been able to help you with the rebooking and logistics, including getting you better than a dumpy $47/night hotel. The missed connection was during IBM business travel, that’s what we pay the agency for is to provide the service that the airlines themselves might not…

    1. Hi Ed! LOL! May not need to, I am afraid, although I will ping you separately for sure! I know what you mean with IBM’s travel agency and perhaps that was my main lesson learned on this whole thing. For such long trips as that one, or whenever I need to go to the US, I think I’m going to default to them and go on the safer side of things! At least, I would have had a better evening spent than that cheap hotel that surely made things a lot worse, just because I objected the fact there was no compensation at all for having missed the flight. Thanks for the heads up! It’s greatly appreciated the reminder for the next time! Even if with a different airline! 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience, Luis. I’ve flown a lot of Delta for the past five years and have generally been pleased. You may find it interesting to hear that they were recently named the top US tech-friendly airline…

    See you in Paris in a couple weeks! (I’ll be flying over on DL, operated by AF!)

    1. Hi Peter! Thanks a lot for confirming that it may well all have been a rather bad experience! Glad it’s providing good quality service throughout all of those years and very happy as well to read further on that article about how plugged the airline is at the moment. It’s true that I didn’t have a single problem at ATL airport to get plugged in and enjoy a good quality wi-fi experience, even if I had to pay for it.

      On the flight to ATL from MCO and back I had the opportunity to see the onboard wi-fi offering, which for a 1.30 hour flight I thought it was a bit too expensive, but good in situations where you may really need it, indeed! It can be a huge time saver!

      Just wish European airlines would get on board with the message of connecting passengers while on the air as it would make it just perfect for those of us who happen to live a chunk of our time right there! 🙂

      And, absolutely!! I will be seeing you in Paris in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it! Safe travels!!

      And thanks again for the feedback comments and for dropping by!

  3. Now I really feel bad about missing your tweet! Please make sure and keep all of my cell details (on connections profile and I’m DM’ing you one other #) in your phone for I surely would’ve come down to airport to rescue you. I know a few ‘bigwigs’ at Delta too that may have been able to intervene on your behalf (not to excuse poor customer service for sure)

    1. Hi Howard! No wonder I couldn’t get in touch with you! Thought you were busy with something else, like enjoying the lovely weekend with the family and away from town. Either way, got your details, and sent you an SMS, but not sure whether you got that one or not. Would have been really cool hanging out together while waiting for the flight the next morning. In fact, brunch sounded like the perfect plan! Well, here’s to next time around, because somehow I know there will be a next time! :-))

      Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Indeed, I could have used a bit of better customer service, too! 🙂

  4. Hope you’re getting some rest by now. I am planning a trip to the us and I will for sure avoid delta airlines. Next time try to fly with a eu company; they are bound by eu regulation on passengers rights which does ensure compensation, hotel expenses and meal vouchers for delays and cancellations. Sometimes having strict regulation is more effective than goodwill or social media engagement…

    1. Hi Silvia, thanks much for dropping by and for the great feedback! Greatly appreciated! Ohhh, certainly!! I forgot about that and really glad you have mentioned it above! Some times regulation, specially, for industries where we know are in serious need of a reboot of the system and business models, surely does the trick! I should have remembered that when booking my flight originally! I guess I know now what I will be doing on my next flight to the US! Thanks much for that and for noticing the post! Greatly appreciated!

      Save travels to the US! 🙂

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