Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality

2 thoughts on “Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality”

  1. Now I know what you meant when we were talking in Milan! And I think the reactions you received focussed on the less significant part of your message. I feel happy that you let the hippie 2.0 monster out of the closet. To me, social media are all about empowerment, and since when is that limited to business?
    I understand that you refrain from discussing your sports partialities and religion in your blog, because thats personal. Politics, however, is per definitionem not personal, but social. Actually I wonder why social media evangelists are not much more politically active. Is that a sad little proof of today’s materialism?
    I’m with you on that “unleash the hippie 2.0” mission. And I’m all for “think global, act local”. That’s why my first ever personal blog was (and still is) focused on local politics. And you know what? On this small local level, this small blog I co-write with two hippie 2.0 blokes has really got things moving!

    1. Hiya, Cordelia! Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful comment! Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read it and comment on it, specially, after wonderful conversations on the topic while at #sbf11; fantastic!! And really glad you have served the inspiration to keep things going, specially, in that other social area (100% in agreement, by the way!) called politics! After all, man is a political animal, or so they say! hehe

      It is funny to come along and admit that such change was eventually provoked by the offline world and not the online / 2.0 one; in fact, it was that evangelism effort with those not connected the one that triggered the re-ignition of the Hippie 2.0 side of yours truly and it’s not more ravenous than ever before! 🙂

      Thanks much, once again, Cordelia, for the wonderful comments and look forward to sharing plenty more experiences on the social web or F2F next time around in October! 😉 hehe

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