Three Wishes

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  1. Thank you for such a personal, inspiring, message. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and back actively making the world a better place.

    Through due diligence and copious amounts of applied passion, it would seem I’ve finally found my way to a position wherein I’ll be able to play a role in reducing the volume of email within my organization. Considering I first discovered your posts on eliminating email over on Toolbox, I thought you might like to know seeds you planted years ago are getting ready to sprout.

    I told myself 2010 would be the year “Something wonderful happens,” a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sticking with the cinema references, I’ve decided “2011 goes up to 11.”

    Here’s to health, wealth (in the form of shared, sustainable value for the sake of humanity), and wisdom. Salud!

    1. Hi Brian! Whoaaahhh! What a bunch of wonderful and rather insightful comments! Truly honoured to read how previous blog posts have inspired you to make a difference within your organisation! That’s terrific news and it surely has made my day! I wasn’t expecting to get such kind of insights from such a personal and sentimental blog entry, but I am happy it’s inspired you as well as the bunch of articles from ITToolbox.

      I have continued to blog about the experiment on living “A World Without Email” over here and although I am very much long overdue an update things are still buzzing, which is really cool! I am really glad you got things going withing your company and I surely look forward to reading further up on “2011 goes up to 11”.

      Thanks again for the inspiring feedback and for dropping by and look forward to an opportunity to meet up face to face in 2011! Have a good one!!

  2. Good to know my comments were met with such enthusiasm!

    I’ve been following your tweets from my first days on Twitter and have long admired your efforts as an email assassin. next week I begin my new role on the KM team, here, and we’ve already begun to discuss the ways we can reduce email volume while making information more valuable and portable.

    These are exciting times and I am looking forward to this journey!

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks much for the follow up and for the kind comments! Thanks for following as well! How is the new KM job going? I would love to find out more on whether it’s providing you the opportunity to have an impact in helping your org. make better use of the resources and social tools available for those activities of collaboration and knowledge sharing. I am looking forward to further updates through your tweets and whatever else. Really exciting times, indeed! :-))

    1. Hi Eduardo! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback! Goodness! You didn’t think those 3 wishes were not ambitious enough? Like an opportunity to conduct and live healthier lives, to finally realise that capitalism and consumerism are not the magic bullet for sustainable growth, and that programmed obsolescence needs to stop once and for all; to perhaps on top of that all a final wish for us all to become more human, passionate, empathetic, engaged, committed, helping and so forth, when for the last few decades it’s been everything else but that (And today’s global events could surely verify that)… Hummm, I think those 3 wishes are a whole lot more ambitious than what I thought originally for them eventually, don’t you think? 😉

      Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. When I read your post I realize that I don’t have my 3 wishes for the coming year..hmmm
    Suddenly comes in my mind..
    Good health!Great jobs!More money!
    That’s what I want,just being frank dude.
    Actually I have lot of wishes but the 3 is on the top.

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