The Hybrid Experiment

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    1. Hi Alan! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments! LOL!! Yes, indeed, I guess they would call it Knowledge Management … done right, right? It’s rather interesting to see how we seem to be coming around the very same thing we did back in the day, over 15 years ago, when KM first came up. We didn’t call it that way initially, but once vendors took over that’s when it became KM and why it developed part of the reputation it has got today…

      Funny enough, in plenty of aspects we are heading that very same way with Enterprise 2.0, not Social Business, and from there onwards … spot on! Back to the same thing! Let’s hope we have learned the lessons from back then and move forward accordingly.

      I look forward to it! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, my friend! I will be seeing you in a few days! 😀

    1. Hi Daniel! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind words! Thanks for sticking around and for being part of this blog; I am glad to hear you will be looking forward to the new experiment and see how it would work… One of the things that I am also ensuring it happens throughout 2011 and as part of that hybrid experiment is that I will be making plenty more time to engage in the conversations and answer to comments; after all, they enrich the original thoughts shared on the blog post, so it would be the least I could do to thank you folks for sticking around and for being there! 🙂 hehe

  1. Luis, thinking about those .txt files — I know you don’t like delcious… but wouldn’t it be time for you to cross over to the dark side and embrace “social bookmarking”?

    1. Daniel, actually, I *am* a big fan of social bookmarking! Inside the firewall, I have got over 8.200 links bookmarked and annotated extensively with a variety of tags; it’s just that externally I haven’t seen a robust and reliable enough social bookmarking service that would allow me to export them across without losing that work accumulated from over the years. I am still looking for it, for sure, and I am thinking perhaps of going to and copy them over there on a weekly basis or something… We shall see how that goes…

      The .TXT files are also pointers to more elaborate blog posts with lots of linking on the side, so I am hoping to find another way of sharing that across as well… And I think I may have found it 😉

      Stay tuned!!

      1. dogear can export data? Lotus Connections in my eyes (with all of its tools) is about the most clumsy and end-user-unfriendly stuff there is. My bookmarks will stay at delicious 🙂 way too much tools that work here (such as feeds, blog posting etc)

        1. Hi Daniel! Yes, sir! You can export your bookmarks from Dogear and into Delicious and vice versa: you can export your delicious bookmarks and then import them into Dogear, and all of that with a couple of extra clicks and off it goes…

          To get things going with exporting your bookmarks from Dogear go to your “My Bookmarks” page, click “More actions” > “Export My Bookmarks” and from there follow the options of what you would want to export further.

          PS. RE: delicious, I have never bought into it, I am afraid, and with the recent issues around its disappearance it would make me very uncomfortable having my bookmarks there and lose them all when they might close their service. I had that once happening with Gnolia (Twice, actually!) and not really willing to go that route a third time. Yet 🙂

  2. So, are you going to start using Posterous and other services and spread out your ideas so that we have to go hunting for them? (Or will it all be aggregated back here?)

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Well, Posterous is already integrated into my Twitter stream, which also shows on the Livestream tab from the blog, and the other experiments I am about to give a try are also part of the main stream from @elsua, so if you are following those you won’t be missing out, not to worry :-))

      Thanks for the heads up!

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