Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership

8 thoughts on “Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership”

  1. Luis – great post! I love the CLO concept. How do I apply for that job?! I just finished the book 2020 Workplace and much of what I read is what you are talking about here. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Bill! That’s just wonderful! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Yeah, I know! That’s quite a good job description in there, isn’t it? Somehow I feel that we would all eventually become CLOs at some point in time as we get more involved and immersed in the social networking world, which, imo, is very much needed! So, we will probably have to hang in there for a little while longer! hehe

      Oh, by the way, RE: the 2020 Workplace book, you may want to check the Profiles Board from Rawn Shah, as he just announced over there our next Author Talk and we will be having the true honour of having Jeanne Meister with us sharing some further insights from the book and the future of the workplace; I bet you would enjoy it as well! 😀

      Take care and speak soon!

      1. Yes Sir, I have it on my calendar as well. Can’t wait for that talk. Hope all is well over in EU.

        1. Hi Bill! Fantastic! I look forward to seeing you there sharing along your opinions on the book! It’s still on my pending books to read, after the couple of them I am reading at the moment… can’t wait to start reading it! Been hearing lots of great things about it and how it’s portraying the Workplace of the Future! 🙂

          PS. Things are going well over here, indeed! Hope you, too, on the other side of the pond! heh

  2. To your questions on how we identify and develop those new leaders, perhaps the trick is to stop looking for leaders in the first place.


    What if we started looking for BUILDERS; those people who are doing more than leading others through the smoggy world of business-as-usual, but forging new paths in different, fundamentally meaningful new directions?

    Are you familiar with Umair Haque? If not, you should Google him. Powerful stuff in his “Builder’s Manifesto,” circa 2009.

    “The boss says, ‘Get there on time;’ the leader gets there ahead of time. The Builder makes sure ‘getting there’ matters.”

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks a lot for that wonderful contribution! Very timely and spot on, as usual! I have heard and eventually follow Umair (Have been for a couple of years already!) and you surely bring in a very nice interaction of what the next generation of leaders should be like! “Builders”, indeed, look like the right mix! Even more when you inject another concept a colleague, and good friend of mine, has been using for a long while now: “social bridge-builder” (Hiya, Andy Piper).

      I actually think that’s probably an innate quality of the next generation of leaders, where their motto of “Leaders as servants” could surely be what they live for! In fact, if you look into the recent global events that have taken place over the last few months, it surely encourages that concept of “Builders”, i.e. making sure “getting there” matters!

      Brilliant stuff, Brian! Thanks for helping make that connection! Good stuff! 🙂

      1. Already following for years? Truly, you are the avant garde, señor!

        I’m digging Andy’s concept of social bridge building. That’s solid.

        One final thought along these lines, as much as I like the idea of building (bridges or otherwise), the one thing I think I’d like to build more than anything else…

        more builders.


        1. Hi Brian! Well, for years, you know what I mean… for about 2 to 3 years, when he first started talking and blogging about what was coming with the financial crisis that no-one paid much attention to it; looks like the game has changed and somehow everyone is paying attention, which we should! 🙂

          RE: Builders, I surely agree with you on that statement! The more we have, the better! I agree with you they are the glue that makes every org stick together regardless of the business context or business outcomes. To the point where they could convert themselves into the new Free Agents of the corporate world, which I guess is something we are going to keep seeing from here onwards … hehe Can’t wait for that!

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