Corporate Blogging Goes Mainstream – Happy Bloggiversary elsua!

9 thoughts on “Corporate Blogging Goes Mainstream – Happy Bloggiversary elsua!”

  1. Congrats first on sticking with it for all this time and second for the insights and perspective you bring. Looking forward to more good thinking as it comes. See you somewhere in the New Year I hopd

    1. Hi Jim! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind wishes! Greatly appreciated! It’s actually thanks to you, Jack Vinson and Bill Ives that and my internal blog are still alive in the first place! You guys were the ones who inspired me to start blogging about KM back in the day and the ones who inspire me every day to keep it going, seeing how you have been sharing your own insights time and time again for much longer than I have! So thanks a million for keeping the inspiration going and here’s to a few more coming up blogging away! 🙂

      1. Oh, and I, too, hope that we will be capable of meeting up again in the flesh in the New Year! The time we did in Boston earlier on in June was terrific! Definitely, one of the key highlights from the #e2conf we both attended! Hopefully, in 2011, we’ll be capable of meeting up more than once! Looking forward to it already!

    1. Hi Samuel! LOL!! Thanks for the kind comments and for the feedback! Yeah, I know that blogging will still be alive for as long as you, me, and a bunch of others keep blogging! Your has been phenomenally prolific over the last few months and quite some amazing insights, as well as some massive skills on live blogging! Learned lots as well, my friend! And look forward to plenty more! You, too, keep it up! Even if it is just the two of us who eventually will be left! hehe

  2. Congrats! In addition, I shall add a note here that this blog is where I “met” your experiment of “A World without Email”, a few years back.
    Without your insightful blog entries, I would have really hard time to imagine how a big enterprise can push forward a 2.0 platform inside the firewall.
    Many Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi CheeChin! Wonderful comments, my friend! Thanks a lot for those and for keeping things going! It’s great how that initial inspiration has turned back on me watching you guys have been doing over at BASF and surely hope to keep the dialogue going throughout 2011, which I am sure is going to happen hehe Looking forward to February already! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Speak soon!

  3. Hello, friend:
    Congratulations on your anniversary. Your numbers are impressive. You’re a double-triple “mileurista”, a machine 🙂
    Blogging has been for me a real discovery. I started to try, but now is a way of life. What I appreciate most is the chance it gives me to document my thoughts, experiences and reflections. Since using this digital canvas, I look around with more curiosity, because I feel the need to share.
    A pleasure to meet you. I’ll continue reading you…

    1. Hi Amalio! Thanks for dropping by and for adding those insights further! You surely have described how I feel about blogging, too! Specially, with this sentence: “[…] the chance it gives me to document my thoughts, experiences and reflections.” Indeed, just for that blogging will always have a space for most of us who treasure such unique opportunity to share across those insights and learning along new things. Priceless, indeed, in my opinion, too!

      Hope we can continue with the dialogue, including a follow up entry to that one you wrote not long ago and which I think explains very well the state of things for a bunch of 2.0 items! Like I said, I will be coming to it shortly to add further up!

      Thanks again and hope we can meet up again in 2011!

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