[Podcast] This Week in Lotus 018: A World Without Email? Or Blackberries?

7 thoughts on “[Podcast] This Week in Lotus 018: A World Without Email? Or Blackberries?”

  1. Thanks for this post, Luis. As ever, it was a real pleasure and a massive honour to have a chance to discuss things with you – particularly when we get to record the conversation and to share it with so many others!

    Thanks again for taking part and for guiding your many readers toward the show.

    1. Hi Stu! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind comments! Boy, I had a great time and I am sure that both Bilal and Jon did, too! It was great talking to you guys and keep these conversations going and always nice to bounce on and off some of those thoughts! Excellent stuff!

      Oh, by the way, took your advice and downloaded one of the two tips you shared and *love* it! Thanks much for that one! 😀 hehe

      Hope to see you soon at Lotusphere 2011!

    1. Hi Darren! ROFL!! No, thanks! Like I mentioned on another blog post fame comes and goes; it’s a temporary thing, just like it came, it will go away, so I am hoping that very little of me has changed as a result of the recent “15 minutes of fame” (Ok, ok, maybe a week… Grrr), and if I have I would give you permission to slap me left and right next year in Orlando when we play mini-golf again after Lotusphere 2011. Then drinks will be on me! 😀 haha

      Naaahhh, seriously, thanks a bunch, Darren, for inviting Bilal, Jon and myself to be part of the show. It’s greatly appreciated and a great pleasure talking to you guys. As always! Look forward to #ls11 already!!

  2. Yay! Glad I made it into your Fave list 😀 . You’ve been my inspiration and my guide and it was you who got me to see the light as to how social software behind the firewall makes sense to me and how it can make me productive!

    Thanks for spreading the word on the Taking Notes podcast and please, oh please, keep doing what you do. I would definitely not be where I am if it wasn’t for you.

    1. Hi “tocayo”! Awwww, that’s very very kind of you, my friend! Many thanks for those warm comments and for sharing them along! The pleasure is all mine, my friend! I can only say that the sentiment is mutual; without your work as a social software evangelist hacking some of the coolest goodies out there on the Enterprise 2.0 space and your willingness to share them across I am sure things would have been a whole lot slower than what they are now!

      I may have served as the initial inspiration, but that is now mutual, I am afraid! Keep being who you are and please, please, please, don’t change, ok? 😉

      Really looking forward to Lotusphere 2011, where the “twin” brothers would be getting together again for a drink or two and that other lovely dinner! 😀

      Thanks much, my friend! A great pleasure working with you and congrats on the podcasting episode! I enjoyed it!

  3. Both the Luis are an inspiration along with Stuart Dareen and the team!

    It was a pleasure to be on the call and I plan to post a last reminder on my blog as well.

    Luis — ever since the conversation, I’ve been looking at the ipad very closely. DAMN.

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